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Eyebrow Tattooing:
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Makeup is temporary, right? What if we told you it wasn’t? If you’re sick of filling in your eyebrows every time you get ready, you’re at the right place. Semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is the solution to your woes.

There are three ways of going about eyebrow treatments. You could try microblading, ombre powder brows, or both – combo brows. Each method has its own benefits, and not every technique will agree with your skin.

Microblading is essentially a hyper-realistic, semi-permanent form of brow tattooing. It is better suited for those who already have enough brow hair and need only a minor adjustment. Since oily skin tends to wash out the ink on your skin, this method is not recommended for people with oily skin.\

Ombre brows involve much more areas of pigmentation in contrast to microblading. They give a darker, more fuller, and natural look. They also use more ink, so your touch-up will be much after you get the treatment done. The results are pretty long-lasting.

Combo brows blend the two techniques and give a more defined appearance to the eyebrows. More strokes are added to the front of the brow and more powder towards the tail, creating a perfect blend of microblading and ombre brows. The hair strokes add fluff to the region, whereas the powder shading gives fuller eyebrows.

Let us examine the three options in depth.

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What Is Microblading?

Microblading is the secret to making your eyebrows appear fuller than they naturally do. It fakes a fuller look without much hassle. To put it simply, microblading is a kind of eyebrow architecture. It’s about designing and creating the best eyebrow shape for each individual.

Microblading is a highly meticulous process. A precise pen-like tool is used to carry it out. The nib of this tool is a sloped blade with about a dozen tiny needles at the end. Unlike a tattoo gun, these needles do not penetrate the skin but scratch the surface. The needles are manually used for drawing intricate hair strokes while simultaneously depositing pigment under the skin.

The best part about microblading is perhaps its versatility. It can be used to create the impression of naturally fuller eyebrows on any skin tone with whatever shade you prefer. Even those who lose their eyebrows due to medical issues can go for Microblading Columbia SC.

The treatment does not hurt a lot, no matter how painful and scary it sounds. It feels rather similar to threading. The entire process will feel like a load of annoying scratches and goes on for one hour, which is quite tolerable.

Microblading is not exactly inexpensive. Charges for microblading generally range between $500 to $2,000. Follow-up appointments usually cost lesser. The high cost of these treatments stems from the high price of brow products. However, microblading is worth the amount spent as it gives excellent results. For anyone that does not feel comfortable with their own brows, the price is justifiable.

Microblading generally lasts for a period of one to three years. It reportedly fades the quickest for oily-skinned people. After about four weeks of getting the treatment, users should go for a touch-up. At this point, the customers should ensure that they are happy with the results. After that, most people do not require another touch-up for almost an entire year.

First, the brow area is shaped by threading the hair. The region is then cleaned up for treatment. Using a topical ointment, the eyebrow area is made numb. In the meantime, you can discuss your desired color and look. As the numbing period comes to a close, the brow area is appropriately measured. The measurements take into account the shape of your face, symmetry, facial features, etc.

After all of this is done, the needlework starts. The needles work very delicately to implant pigment into your skin with featherweight strokes. These strokes are superficial cuts, much like paper cuts. The pigment seeps in and settles through these cuts. If you feel any discomfort during their process, you will be given more numbing cream.

At the end of the process, a final layer of pigmentation is applied, which stays on for 5 minutes. Then the eyebrow area is cleaned, and you can see your brows much fuller than before. In a few weeks, there is a follow-up appointment. If the pigment has not taken to a particular spot in your eyebrows, it can get corrected in this appointment. A darker pigment is preferred this time.

For up to one week after you get your brows done, you need to be very careful. Do not allow sweat or any form of moisture in that region. It is best to avoid all physical activities. However, if you cannot avoid physical activities, apply an ointment on your brows to protect the pigment. The ointment will also keep the cuts clean and free from all bacteria.

What Are Ombre Brows?

Ombre brows, also called powder brows, are an almost permanent technique for eyebrow styling. They create the impression of a shaded brow pencil, which provides a lot of depth to the eyebrows.

Powder brows offer thin and sparse brows. They look pretty natural and have a long-lasting effect. If you have combination skin or oily skin, ombre brows are the right treatment for you. It is also fit for anyone who seldom fills in their brows using a shadow or pencil.

Ombre brows last for a period of two to five years. Multiple factors influence how long these brows last. Skin type, health condition, lifestyle, and sun exposure are some of the elements on which the life span of these brows depends. The technique is a little less invasive, in contrast to Microblading Columbia SC. It is also less painful.

Powder brows are suited for all skin types. There is no restriction for oily-skinned people or those with pretty dark hair. They make your brows appear fuller, more well defined, and even dramatic. However, you should avoid ombre brows if you are dealing with cancer, diabetes, heart problems, bleeding disorders, or other serious issues.

Ombre powder brows cost anywhere between $500 to $1,000. The prices may vary depending on your location. Before the treatment, you should stay off blood thinners for at least two days. Alcohol, pain relievers, botox, or any other medication should be avoided. All of these agents thin the blood and cause heavier bleeding than usual, which results in poor retention of the brow pigment. When going for a brow treatment, one should be well-rested and bare-faced.

Before the shading process begins, a topical anesthetic will be applied to your brow area and left for 20-40 minutes. It should numb the skin in that region. The artist then creates a frame around your brows. The frame is essential as it maps out where to add the pigment. You will be shown the color and shape before the treatment gets done on your skin.

After the shade and design are confirmed, the main process begins. The brow area is shaved and then cleaned with tweezers to fit the desired shape. After that, the brows are filled via scratches depositing pigment into the upper layers of the skin.

Once the pigmentation part is over, a microblade is used to create hair-like strokes in the front of the brow. This entire process should last for three to four hours. There is then a follow-up session after four to six weeks, which generally lasts for up to two hours. The process is not a very painful one, although you may feel uncomfortable depending upon your pain tolerance.

Aftercare for ombre powder brows is quite similar to that of microblading. It would help if you avoided sweating, which means avoiding working out or any other physical activity. The scabs are supposed to shed naturally, so be careful and do not peel them off or even touch them, for that matter. Try not to go out in the sun as sun exposure is not suitable for powder brows.

You should not apply makeup in the eyebrow region for up to two weeks. Avoid washing the brows often and use a cotton pad to wipe the area instead. Additionally, avoid long and hot showers as both heat and moisture are not ideal for these brows.

What Are Combo Brows?

Combo brows are a combination of microblading and powder brows. This technique of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing blends the two popular methods to give you both. Microblading hair strokes are made with a manual device near the border of your eyebrows, a natural look. The powder effect is applied on the body of the eyebrows with the help of a permanent makeup tool.

For those who cannot get Microblading Columbia SC because of their oily skin, combo brows are a great solution. They can be used on clients with normal to somewhat oily skin. If someone has exceptionally sparse eyebrows, this treatment can give a body to the brows. Moreover, the hair-strokes will help it look natural.

You will need two appointments to ensure that all the strokes are well saturated with pigmentation. Much like microblading and ombre brows, the second appointment is a follow-up session. It is scheduled for 6 to 8 weeks after the first appointment. Following that, an annual touch-up is recommended to maintain the combo brows.

Combo brows can cost between $500 to $2,000. They might be slightly expensive but are truly worth it, and the results are more natural and fresh. It even lasts quite long. Once the treatment is over, combo brows are expected to last for 16 months to three years.

It is important to stay off any blood thinners for at least 72 hours before the procedure. Alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin, and even vitamins may thin your blood and should be avoided. You should also try and prevent tanning so that the artist can determine your natural skin tone. Do not use chemical peels or face scrubs for at least 2 weeks before your appointment for the same reason.

As this treatment is a combination of microblading and ombre brows, this too requires you to avoid sweat and moisture. Do not work out or go for jacuzzis for about ten days after your procedure. Ensure that you do not apply any makeup on the eyebrow region for at least 14 days as the cosmetics may lead to infection.

After the process, do not use petroleum-based products. Avoid anti-acne products as well as lightening creams. Be careful if you go for a laser treatment and inform the laser technician about your combo brows. Laser resurfacing or hair removal may cause the eyebrow area to darken, lighten, or even discolor.

For 24 hours after the treatment, avoid alcohol or any medication that may thin your blood. The brow region may feel itchy, but please do not pick or peel at the scabs. It will mess with the process and affect the pigmentation. Stay away from face scrubs or chemical peels for up to a month after your treatment.


When it comes to eyebrows, there is no rule of thumb. Everyone has different skin types and different expectations from their eyebrows. For example, if you have oily skin, microblading columbia sc may not be the right choice for you. If you prefer a two-tone effect, you should go for ombre brows. Furthermore, if you like denser, more defined brows, combo brows might work for you.

A budget may not be a crucial consideration in this case as there isn’t much of a difference in the prices of the three options. Pick the technique that suits your skin and meets your expectations of how you would like your eyebrows to appear.

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